Our names ar Marianne and Bruno Rodkjær. We live in Gjøl, a small town 25 Km north west of Aalborg. Gjøl is a beautiful town whit wather and forest, just outside our door. We all enjoy a brisk walk.

We have five wire-haired dachshund. Three female and two males. Previously, we had German wirehaired pointer but the little self confident charmer, has won our hearts.

Bruno is an active hunter and our dogs share the joy with him.

Bruno got his hunting license in 1976 and has been a menber of Gjøl hunting association. He is an acyive on the board and dog committee.

Hunting and dog sports has always been a big part of our life.

Our dogs are trained to work and use the tests above, tracj and dog shows.

15.03.2012, I have gone trough the statutory Dog keeps Education - Danish kennel Club's breeding program.

We are menber of: Danish Dachund Club, Danish Kennel Club and the Danmarks Jægerforbund